Training Videos

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Complete Getting Started Video (60:53 min)

Complete User's Guide (PDF)

Quick Start User's Guide (PDF)

Video Clips on Specific Processes - User's Guide Instructions Link Included with each video clip:

Starting a New Project (3:01 min)

Starting a New Project Instructions (PDF)

Editing Contracts in Microsoft Word® (11:32 min)

Editing Contracts in MS Word Instructions (PDF)

Sharing Contracts and Online Collaboration (10:35 min)

Sharing and Online Collaboration Instructions (PDF)

Making a Favorite (Custom Master Template) (9:34 min)

Making a Favorite or Master Template Instructions (PDF)

Finalizing and Refinalizing a Document and Archiving Project Files (11:25 min)

Finalizing, Refinalizing, Archiving Instructions (PDF)