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    • The Key to More Efficient Construction Projects is Collaborative Contracts

      Brian Perlberg 
      Mediaplanet's Construction in America Campaign in USA Today
      December 2017

      The AEC industry is fragmented and slow moving. The legal industry, which drives the structural relationships in construction contracts, is even slower to change. The combination has us stuck in the morass of contractual silos that create confrontation. Some wear this as a badge of honor. They follow a similar pathway that has been around for over a hundred years and have a mountain of case law dissecting the corpses of dead projects gone wrong interpreting this approach...Read More 

    • New IPD Agreement Offers Significant Improvements

      Joel W. Darrington, DPR Construction
      DCD Magazine
      November/December 2017

      Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) greatly improves project outcomes by realigning the contractual relationships of project team members to serve the best interests of the project rather than any one team member...Read More.

    • Stay Ahead of the Contractual Curve

      Brian Perlberg
      Construction Executive 

      October 2017

      Construction is a risky business and so is predicting the future. Looking forward, two types of general contractors will exist: those that embrace change and plan accordingly, and those that stay the course and sink. Industry standard contracts establish the foundation for risk in construction, and they are changing too. 

      ConsensusDocs, a coalition effort that produces best practice standard construction contracts, has recently updated its most used prime and subcontract agreements as part of a five-year revision cycle...Read More

    • ConsensusDocs 10-Year Milestone Marks a Brighter Outlook for AEC

      Constructor Magazine 
      September/October 2017 

      The key was getting away from the traditional perspective of a particular segment of the industry writing the contract to getting all the players perspectives to better align all parties to reach project completion successfully...Read More

    • The ConsensusDocs 10-Year Milestone

      Brian Perlberg 
      Design Cost Data Magazine
      September/October 2017

      Updates to ConsensusDocs standard contracts are extremely valuable, to ensure your contractual practices are keeping up with today’s industry and its changing legal requirements...Read More

    • ConsensusDocs Celebrates Milestone 10th Anniversary

      Kathy Hoffman 
      September 12, 2017

      Cooperation between practitioners in the construction industry is the foundation of ConsensusDocs—and key to its success. Rather than focusing on a particular segment of the industry, ConsensusDocs aims to represent the interests of all parties. with a focus on overall project success...Read More

    • The AIA A201 Gets a Failing Grade

      Brian Perlberg
      Senior Counsel for Construction Law, AGC of America
      Executive Director, ConsensusDocs
      Georgia Construction Today
      Summer/Fall 2017

      The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released a new edition of the AIA A201 General Terms and Conditions Document along with the AIA A-Series agreements and Exhibits. The AIA A201 2017 edition marks the first time AGC’s 99 year history that AIA did not solicit AGC’s input in the development of the document (or share an advanced copy)...Read More


    • New Design-Build Agreement from ConsensusDocs

      Guidelines for Improving Practive, Number 1, 2017

    • The Contract Challenges of Delivering Projects Using Collaborative Design

      Joseph M. Leone, Esq. 
      Design Cost Data magazine May-June 2017

    • Protect Your Contracts With the “Best Ever” Changes Clause

      Charles Surasky
      Senior Counsel, Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP
      Design Cost Data Magazine March-April 2017 Issue