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    • ConsensusDocs 305 – New Tool to Contract for Lean Projects

      Joel W. Darrington
      Contracting Counsel, DPR Construction

      ConsensusDocs has provided a great resource to the construction industry with its recent publication of the CD305 Lean Construction Addendum. For the many projects that are not able or ready to utilize an IPD Agreement, now there is an industry standard form that can be added to a project’s design and construction contracts to provide for a wide range of Lean design and construction practices without triggering violation of the front-end contract’s provisions…Read More

    • A Technology Update from the ConsensusDocs Coalition

      Amy Hager, Director of ConsensusDocs
      DCD Magazine
      January/February 2019

      Technology should provide all stakeholders with the opportunity for engagement and innovation. As the ConsensusDocs Coalition continues to publish industry standardized contracts, coupled with the best education and resources focused on the construction contracts industry, the technology our users subscribe to will...Read More

    • Protect Yourself from Rising Material Costs

      Seth M. Pasakarnis, Esq., Partner, Hinckley Allen 
      Ronald D. Ciotti, Esq., Partner, Hinckley Allen 
      DCD Magazine 
      November/December 2018

      Current economic conditions and shifts in public policy by the Trump Administration concerning tariffs on imports have the potential to dramatically impact the prices of certain materials critically important to roadway construction projects, namely fuel, steel, and asphalt.  Although fuel, steel, and asphalt prices have fluctuated significantly over the past 10 years, it appears that prices will continue to rise over the next several years (and perhaps beyond).  This article provides risk management strategies for contractors seeking to mitigate the impacts that rising materials prices have on profitability...Read More

    • Which Standard Construction Contracts Are Best for Your Project?

      Brian Perlberg, Executive Director, ConsensusDocs 
      DCD Magazine
      September/October 2018

      Success on a construction project can rise or fall on the contract you choose.  Remember, financial solvency often depends on it. If just one contract out of 10 goes bad, this might lead to a general contractor shutting its doors.  I’m often asked why should I choose ConsensusDocs over American Institute of Architects (AIA) standard construction contract documents? While many express dissatisfaction with AIA contracts to me, they often say it’s the devil they know (and make extensive changes).  This article points out the fundamental differences between ConsensusDocs versus AIA contracts and how making a few word changes might not address the fundamental differences...Read More

    • Nonconsensus

      July 24th, 2018

      Recently, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released the latest version of their set of standard contract documents, covering a wide range of agreements necessary to construction. It includes the General Conditions of the Contract for Construction (AIA A201), which governs the relationship between owner and contractor, and is incorporated into its architect agreement. AGC did not endorse...Read More

    • The Cost of Allocating Design Risk to Contractors

      Doug Tabeling, Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP
      DCD Magazine
      July/August 2018

      Design flaws are a constant risk in construction, but the contractual allocation of that risk can sway considerably from project to project. Contract terms can vary from...Read More.

    • 10 Reasons Why Subcontractors Should Love ConsensusDocs

      American Subcontractors Association
      June 7th, 2018 

      Where should contract negotiations start? According to ASA and 39 other leading construction associations, the answer is “ConsensusDocs" ...Read More

    • Design-Build Contract Tools

      Kevin F. Peartree, Ernstrom & Dreste, LLP
      DCD Magazine
      May/June 2018

      Design-build is particularly adept at controlling the growth of costs and schedule extensions over the life of a project. There are many factors that make this possible. Critical among them are...Read More.

    • Standardized Contracts: Streamlining Projects in Today's Fast-Paced Construction Market

      Construction Drive
      April 2018

      Using fair contracts to get better project results with fewer claims makes sense for today's construction industry, but how do you create an unbiased contract that balances risks and rewards appropriately among all parties? The answer... Download Here

    • Owners: Set the Foundation with a Better Design Agreement

      Tim Gibbons, Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C. 
      DCD Magazine
      March/April 2018

      Should an owner expect construction documents produced by the design professional to be sufficient to bid and build the work? You might be surprised to discover that...Read More.