Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

toptopWhat are ConsensusDocs?

ConsensusDocs are standardized contract documents written by and for the design and construction industry. ConsensusDocs save you time and money by incorporating best practices and fair risk allocation. To learn more about the 100+ contracts available, please view our Contracts Catalog.

toptopWhat is the ConsensusDocs Coalition?

The ConsensusDocs Coalition is a group of 40 leading design and construction industry associations who have come together to develop ConsensusDocs. For a listing of all Coalition members, please visit our Coalition Members page.

toptopHow do I get access to the ConsensusDocs contracts?

In order to get access, you must register on this site. After that, you can then purchase one of our subscription packages on the Quick Purchase page.  If you have had a package in the past and are renewing, simply go to the Quick Purchase page to receive a new subscription.

toptopHow do I find out more about ConsensusDocs?

Please visit our website at, review our User Guide, call our toll-free number (866-925-3627) or email us at

toptopHow do I purchase a subscription?

Please visit, select your desired subscription and follow the step-by-step process. If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number (866-925-3627) or email us at

toptopHow do I use the ConsensusDocs contracts Platform?

Please visit our website at, review our User Guide, call our toll-free number (866-925-3627) or email us at

How do I know if I received a valid ConsensusDocs contract?                                                                 toptop

A unique Content Secure ID is placed in the footer of all finalized ConsensusDocs contract documents. This unique ID lets you know that the contract was finalized via the ConsensusDocs Platform, and that a redlined comparison to the standard template was also generated.  If you believe you received a fraudulent ConsensusDocs contract, please contact our Customer Support team at  Please include a copy of the contract in question.

toptopWill I continue to receive all new and updated contracts within my subscription package at no charge?

Yes, all current subscribers* receive access to all new and updated contracts within their subscription package at no extra charge.  An Announcement will be posted on your ConsensusDocs Dashboard.

toptopHow do I become a member of the ConsensusDocs Coalition?

Only design and construction related, non-profit organizations are eligible to become members of the ConsensusDocs Coalition. To become a member of any of the 40+ Coalition organizations, please contact the organization directly. You can view a list of the current Coalition member organizations at

toptopHow do I get a Member Discount on ConsensusDocs Contracts?

You are eligible for the Member Discount if you are a member of one of the more than 40 endorsing organizations. Please contact your organization to get the applicable discount code, which you will enter during the purchase process. You can view a list of the current Coalition member organizations at

toptopHow can I learn more about the ConsensusDocs contracts?

Review our helpful information at Each page will describe the separate catalog and the types of contracts you can find through this program.

toptopHow do ConsensusDocs compare to AIA and other standard contracts?

Please visit our Resources page to view a variety of comparison charts provided by top construction lawyers in the country.

toptopWhich portions of the ConsensusDocs contracts can be modified?

All portions of the contracts can be modified, with the exception of the footer. You are able to omit or add paragraphs, edit and delete text via MS Word®. When you return to your ConsensusDocs Dashboard at and “finalize” your contract, the “DRAFT” watermark will be removed and a unique document security code will be added to the footer, providing you with a clean copy for signatures.

toptopCan I upgrade my current ConsensusDocs subscription?

Yes! Please call (866) 925-DOCS (3627).

toptopWhat if I want just one contract?

You cannot purchase single documents. All contracts are sold via yearly subscription packages; most with unlimited use. Please visit our Quick Purchase page for our available subscription packages.

toptopWhy is industry collaboration between owners, designers and contractors so important?

There is a growing frustration in the industry that parties, owners in particular, are presented with heavily modified standard form documents that hardly resemble the original text. Parties often perceive standard documents drafted ultimately by a singular organization as protective of that organization. The ConsensusDocs drafting process was similar to negotiations for a specific project contract. Parties with different viewpoints who have a large stake in the project outcome each had a vote before the contract is "signed off." Moreover, there is synergy and a broad and deep knowledge gained from varying viewpoints. The contracts address cutting edge issues, like Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and electronic communication between the parties. Finally, the documents encourage direct communication among all parties while aligning the parties' interests with the project's best interest.

toptopWhat is the goal of the coalition between the industry stakeholders and ConsensusDocs?

The coalition of associations represents diverse interests in the design and construction industry who are collaborating on the development of standard form construction contract documents. ConsensusDocs are transforming the industry standard and increasing efficiency in contract negotiations and project execution. Simply put… ConsensusDocs help you build a better way!