• Purchase Options

    702 -

    Standard Purchase Order for Commodity Goods

    Used for the purchase of commodity goods (versus the 703 for noncommodity goods), and assigns risks and liabilities where each party has control. See also 702.1 for Terms and Conditions.

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    702.1 -

    Terms and Conditions for Purchase Order for Commodity Goods

    Terms and Conditions for ConsensusDocs 702.

  • Purchase Options

    704 -

    Equipment Lease

    Offered as either a one-page agreement or two-page general conditions.

  • Purchase Options

    705 -

    Invitation to Bid/Subbid Proposal

    Used for Subcontractors to describe the scope of work covered in their bids.

  • Purchase Options

    710 -

    Application for Payment

    Standard form for Subcontractor’s requests for payment.

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    721 -

    Statement of Qualifications

    Used by the Subcontractor to provide information, such as qualifications, references, performance history and safety record. Includes Exhibits A, B and C.

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    750.1 -

    Rider Between Contractor and Subcontractor for Material Storage at Subcontractor's Site

    Governs storage of specific materials and equipment at a Subcontractor’s yard, and sets a standard agreement for storage that will ensure the minimum precautions and coverages are agreed upon. It may be attached as a rider to ConsensusDocs 750.

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    781 -

    Certificate of Substantial Completion

    Establishes the date of substantial completion of the work.

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    782 -

    Certificate of Final Completion

    Establishes the date of final completion of the work.

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    790 -

    Subcontractor Request for Information (RFI)

    Used by Subcontractors to request information or instructions.

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    795 -

    Change Order

    Formalizes changes in the work and makes adjustments to subcontract time and price.

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    796 -

    Interim Directive

    A unilateral order issued by the Contractor in absence of agreement on price and time for changes in the Subcontractor’s work.