800 Program Management

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    800 -

    Program Management Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Program Manager

    The contractual configuration is of a “pure/agent program manager,” not at risk, either with all design and construction contracts signed by the Owner or the Program Manager signing the contracts as the agent of the Owner. The Program Manager can be seen as replacing the Owner’s facilities staff and may oversee a project delivery accomplished under a variety of methods (e.g., design-bid-build or design-build) for each discrete project or site. This contract provides a scope of services presented in a matrix to be used as a menu for the parties to assign duties.

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    810 -

    Agreement Between Owner and Owner's Representative

    Agreement between an Owner and a person/ entity acting as an Independent Contractor, who shall serve as the Owner’s authorized representative for a specific project, assuming that the Owner will retain both an Design Professional and a Contractor.

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    812 -

    Interim Directed Change

    Issued by the Owner to the Trade Contractor in the absence of agreement on price and time for changes in the trade contract work.

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    813 -

    Change Order

    Used to formalize changes in the work and make adjustments to time and price.

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    814 -

    Certificate of Substantial Completion

    Establishes the date of substantial completion of the work.

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    815 -

    Certificate of Final Completion

    Establishes the date of final completion of the work.

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    820 -

    Agreement Between Owner And Commissioning Authority

    Created with standard contract terms specific to commissioning authority services.

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    830 -

    Standard Owner and Construction Manager As Agent Agreement (CM Provides General Condition Items)

    This agreement may be used with the construction management process when the Owner awards all trade contracts.

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    831 -

    Standard Owner and Construction Manager (CM Agent does not provide General Conditions Items)

    An alternate form of CM contracting where the CM does not provide the General Condition Items.

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    840 -

    Agreement Between Owner and Design Professional (Where Owner Hires or Acts as its own CM)

    The agreement was written to be used in conjunction with the previously-released 830, 831 and 850 construction management agreements.

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    842 -

    Owner and Energy Consultant Agreement

    Contract terms specific to energy consulting services.

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    850 -

    Agreement Between Owner and Trade Contractor

    The agreement allows an owner to contract with a builder when construction management (CM) agency is used (and not a single general contractor). This agreement can be used for multi prime, CM, Agency, or Owner acting as its own CM. This contractual arrangement is appropriate when construction management services are provided externally by a CM or by the owner itself.