• Purchase Options

    202 -

    Change Order

    Used to formalize changes in the work and adjustments to contract time and price.

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    203 -

    Interim Directive

    A unilateral order issued by the Owner in the absence of agreement on price and time for changes in the work.

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    204 -

    Request for Information

    Used by Contractors or Subcontractors to request information or instructions.

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    220 -

    Contractor's Qualification Statement for Engineered Construction. (Includes Schedules A-C)

    May be used as a generic pre-qualification statement or a contract-specific qualification statement. Includes Schedules A-C.

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    222 -

    Design Professional's Statement of Qualifications. Includes Schedules A-C.

    Helps Owners assess the qualifications of a Design Professional. Includes Schedules A-C.

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    270 -

    Instructions to Bidders on Private Work

    Used for bid submission and award, it provides information about pre-bid procedures including obtaining bidding documents and additional information prior to opening of bids, and the examination of bidding documents and worksite.

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    271 -

    Instructions to Bidders on Public Work (Optional Unit Price)

    To be used with the 210 – Owner and Constructor Agreement.  Includes Exhibit A – Certifications.

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    280 -

    Certificate of Substantial Completion

    Establishes the date of substantial completion of the work or a designated portion thereof.

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    281 -

    Certificate of Final Completion

    Establishes the date of final completion.

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    290 -

    Guidelines for Obtaining Owner Financial Information

    Helps the Contractor identify the type of information that should be requested of the Owner.

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    290.1 -

    Owner Financial Questionnaire

    Contractors and Subcontractors use this form to request specific information about the Owner’s legal structure, land ownership, financing and insurance matters.

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    291 -

    Application for Payment (GMP)

    Facilitates the calculation and documentation of progress payments.

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    292 -

    Application for Payment (Lump Sum)

    Facilitates the calculation and documentation of progress payments.

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    293 -

    Schedule of Values

    Provides a breakdown of the cost of elements of the work and should be used with the ConsensusDocs application for payment forms 291 and 292.