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    400 -

    Preliminary Agreement Between Owner and Design-Builder

    Intended to be used in conjunction with ConsensusDocs 410 or 415 to take the project through schematic design only.

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    410 -

    Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Design-Builder (Cost of Work Plus Fee with GMP)

    May be used as a follow-up document to the ConsensusDocs 400 or as a stand-alone document that addresses the entire design-build process.

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    415 -

    Agreement and General Conditions Between an Owner and Design-Builder (Lump Sum)

    Unlike the ConsensusDocs 410, this document cannot be used as a stand-alone document to address the entire design-build process. It is intended as a follow-up document to ConsensusDocs 400, assuming the Owner’s program or other project information includes schematic design documents.

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    420 -

    Agreement Between Design-Builder and Design Professional

    Delineates the respective rights and responsibilities of the Design-Builder and Design Professional.

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    422 -

    Standard Agreement Between Design-Builder And Design Professional For Federal Projects

    An agreement and terms and conditions for a Design-Builder to contract for the services of a design professional (a lead architect or engineer) for projects where the owner is the federal government. 

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    450 -

    Agreement Between Design-Builder and Subcontractor

    Intended for use where the Subcontractor has not been retained to provide substantial portions of the design.

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    460 -

    Agreement Between Design-Builder and Design-Build Subcontractor (Subcontractor Provides a GMP)

    Intended for use where the Subcontractor is retained by the Design-Builder early in the design phase. Construction is performed based on cost of the work, plus a fee, up to the GMP.

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    498 -

    Teaming Agreement for a Design-Build Project

    An agreement between parties desiring to form a team for the purpose of submitting a bid to an Owner.  This agreement has the flexibility for those team members to include a Design Professional, Construtors or others.

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    499 -

    Joint Venture Agreement for a Design-Build Project

    An agreement between two or more parties to form a joint venture. Includes Exhibits A and B.