ConsensusDocs…Building A Better Way!

Whether working at the office, from the road or even at home, the ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents from any computer through a secure web-based portal. Simply log-in and your personalized dashboard makes it easy to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes made by your collaborators or start a new contract using any of our 100+ contracts.

ConsensusDocs contract document series include:

Editing, Collaboration, Conversions and Comparisons Made Easy

The Microsoft Word®-based technology allows you to take any ConsensusDocs contract and quickly customize it to meet your specific project requirements. Our new collaboration technology allows you to grant review or editing access to other parties and finalize agreements, while maintaining an easy and efficient version-control system. With our new conversion and comparison tool, you can quickly convert from Word to PDF and PDF to Word or compare different document versions…all at the click of a button.

Construction Practices Have Evolved, So Should Your Contracts

ConsensusDocs contracts are continuously updated to keep pace with the latest changes in construction practices and legal updates. From agreements specifically addressing issues such as building information modeling (BIM), green construction or design-build, our standardized contracts, developed by a coalition of leading industry experts, mean you are assured your projects have the best contractual foundation possible.

Building a Better Way…Through Consensus

ConsensusDocs contracts are written and endorsed by 40 leading associations with members from all stakeholders in the design and construction industry. By fairly allocating risk and incorporating best practices, ConsensusDocs helps you reduce costly claims and contingencies, and lessen adversarial negotiations, saving you time and money. Our 100+ contracts are written in plain English and address all project delivery methods. ConsensusDocs’ easy-to-use online application enables contract collaboration and customization to reach consensus.

Better Contracts Make for Better Projects

Only ConsensusDocs draws upon industry experts representing owners, general and specialty contractors, design professionals, attorneys, sureties and stakeholders to craft the strongest and most balanced agreements in the industry. Since the major risks and responsibilities have already been efficiently and fairly allocated, ConsensusDocs users save considerable time and money previously spent at the negotiating table, and projects benefit from reduced risk contingencies that increase bid prices.

Simply put…ConsensusDocs are a better way to build and help you achieve better projects results!

Why ConsensusDocs:

  • 24/7 Access – Access your documents anytime from anywhere via our new cloud-based system.

  • Easy to Edit – If you know how to use MS Word®, you know how to customize ConsensusDocs contracts.

  • Easy to Collaborate – Invite anyone to collaborate on your contract for free - you control editing rights.

  • Create Favorites – Create “Favorites” from ConsensusDocs contracts that have been modified to meet your unique needs.

  • Convert & Compare – Comparison tools allow you to easily see changes from one document version to another. Upload and convert your own documents.

  • Free Guidance – User instructions are embedded within the contracts and reference the free ConsensusDocs Guidebook.

ConsensusDocs are delivered through a cloud-based platform that uses Microsoft Word® for ease of project-specific modifications. Subscribers receive free training and technical support. You also have free access to the ConsensusDocs Guidebook, which provides additional information about specific provisions and commentary by individual endorsing organizations.

ConsensusDocs is the industry innovator and leader in collaboratively-written contract documents, and you can be assured that as a ConsensusDocs subscriber, you will receive free updates with your subscription package as they become available. This ensures that you always have access to the most current documents. Purchase your subscription today!